29th Nov, 2013

Recreational Upgrades to Leisure Fairhope Properties

The clock is ticking.  Soon visitors and residents of Fairhope properties will be enjoying several new outdoor amenities.  The leisure-time community upgrades range from a new Fairhope flower clock to the new community playground, to a large soccer complex and a new amphitheater.

fairhope real estateThe Fairhope Floral Clock is patterned after the landmark clock nestled in the heart of downtown.  The design uses flowers to build a 30-foot-round facsimile.  The huge aluminum hands of the clock will move in perfect time beginning over Thanksgiving weekend.  The large-scale attraction at Alabama 104 and North Section Street commemorates the love of flowers in the Fairhope community.  This is on the north side of Fairhope next to St. James Episcopal Church.  The first floral clock ever built appeared in 1903 in Scotland’s Edinburg Garden.

A soccer sports complex featuring 10 fields is proposed to be located at the corner of Manley Road and County Road 13.  It is conveniently located next to Fairhope properties in the Summer Lake subdivision.  The latest design provides about 750 parking spaces with entrances off County Road 13.  Planners hope the $2 million complex will be ready for the 2014 fall soccer season.

A new community playground is being designed to replace the 20-year-old playground at Fairhope Park.  The original designer is involved in the redesign.  The new plan will divide the property into three play areas, each specifically designed for certain age groups.  There will be new gazebos around the perimeter of the park.  Artwork paying homage to the old park structures will be incorporated into the new design.  There may also be new climbing, musical, slides, and splash pad elements.  Residents of Fairhope properties have been asked for input at a community meeting on December 5, 2013.

Another facility on the horizon is the Faulkner Amphitheater at the corner of Morphy Avenue and School Street.  The amphitheater is a shell-type stage set on the corner with seating fanning outward.  A brick archway leads to the facility.  This facility will benefit Faulkner College and the entire community by providing an arena for family-friendly events, concerts, movies, and theatrical performances.  It will also be available for the Arts and Crafts Festival and the Film Festival.  The project is planned by IMPACT 100, a 501 (c) three non-profit organization with donations from other resources as well.

Fairhope Properties for Sale

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